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Application development in Adastra Bulgaria illustrated by responsive screens of an app.

Application Development Strategy

Our strategy build approach encompasses a wide range of innovation processes and time-proven methodologies, utilizing many different inputs flows:

Business goals definitions and risks

Competitive industry and business analysis

Roadmaps strategies

Outcomes planning

Market opportunity assessments

Success criteria definitions

Strategy workshops

Concept labs hackathons

User-centered research

Feature prioritization

Prototype development


Data flow planning

Usability testing

Technical architecture mapping

Technical dependencies assessments

Concept testing and validation

User journey mappings

Perceived value analysis

Content strategy assessments

Users segmentation strategies assessments

Loyalty strategies

Mobile branding strategies

Research panels

Product Design

We take the application design very seriously; it is the main touchpoint of the users with your company, business, and provided services. We aim to achieve seamless experience and exceptional interactions with your product. At its core, it is the entire user customer journey, which determines how successful the product will be. Our consultants make sure that your business objectives are met while at the same time provide to your customers – value and delightful experience.

Growth Marketing

UX and the marketing of your application are two intertwined features required for sustainable growth, acquisition, and user retention. We provide growth discovery and actionable insights for your marketing journey, by market analysis, customer segmentation, behavior analysis, data management/governance, event tracking, marketing automation, personalization, cross-channel campaign orchestration, performance iteration, modeling, and reporting.

Custom Application Development

With our vast experience in different technologies and sectors, we are dedicated to bringing the highest possible value for your product. We create custom-tailored solutions utilizing the latest technologies and considering all business requirements and their most effective execution path. We can create products by identifying the best combination of available technologies for your product – providing the best user experience, highest business value, and fastest time-to-market.

Emerging Technologies / Prorotyping

Adastra always strive to be one step ahead with the technology. We love to experiment and to advance in every technology and business direction. We always give to our clients a competitive advantage and new ways to grow. We provide solutions with the latest trends in science and technology, creating fast prototypes capturing the latest advancements to provide value in the shortest amount of time.

Application Development Process

Adastra strives to deliver the best product in the shortest amount of time to customers. This is only possible by following strict development processes and agile, incremental release cycles.

Application development process illustration in Adastra Bulgaria.
EntComm - enterprise communication application by Adastra Bulgaria.

Enterprise Communication Mobile Application

  • High-quality audio and video

  • Screen sharing

  • Volume notifications and mute control

  • Device controllers

  • Active speakers

  • Meeting events


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