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Experience improvements in productivity, business agility, and operational resilience with AWS native services. Simplify and expedite your migration while reducing costs.

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Adastra is an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner.

Adastra is an advanced AWS Consulting Partner specialized in delivering fast analytics on the Cloud and providing a suite of AWS services around Data Estate Modernization, AI and Analytics, Governance, and Managed Services. We help businesses of all types and sizes to accelerate their journey to the cloud. Every step along the way, you can leverage Adastra’s years of experience to build your organizational, operational, and technical capabilities, so that you can gain business benefits faster.

AWS Analytics Services You Can Rely On

AWS Data Lake Implementation

Ingest, store, and access data in any format and volume at unmatched availability. Get the best performance at the lowest cost. Easily move data between data lakes and purpose-built data services enabling easy data access wherever it’s needed. You can enforce access controls from a single place for all services for a superior governance.


AWS Migration Assessment

Accelerate your AWS migration to minimize disruption to the business. Adastra tailors your cloud migration journey by selecting the right architecture that meets your specific business needs and ensures business continuity. Our cloud consultants leverage a full suite of proprietary tools by leading cloud vendors to deliver cloud solutions at scale that lower the total cost of infrastructure.


AWS Database Migration

Migrate your databases quickly and securely while your original database stays live. AWS DMS handles all the complexity. You even have the ability to replicate back to your original database or replicate to other databases in different regions or availability zones. AWS DMS supports both homogeneous and heterogenous database migrations.


Data Warehouse Modernization

Harness the power of real-time analytics for rapid decision-making. Enable real-time operational analytics by combining structured data from the Cloud Data Warehouse and semi-structured data from Amazon S3 Data Lake to generate application and system insights. Analyze petabytes of data quickly and cost efficiently, while getting more scalability and higher performance.


AWS Data-as-a-Service Platform

Democratize the access to your organization’s data while keeping strict access controls. Combine any data – batch or streaming, structured or unstructured, and enable advanced analytics on it. The AWS Data-as-a-Service platform focuses on easy access to the data inside by downstreaming data consumers and reducing the management and operations overhead.


EMR Implementation

Create and manage fully configured, elastic clusters of EC2 instance running Hadoop and other applications in the Hadoop ecosystem. Create as many clusters as you need in a matter of minutes, enable analytics on large data sets – business critical data, clickstreams, logs, etc., let your data science teams spin up the clusters they need in order to experiment and create value for your business.


Big Data Platform in the Cloud


faster data processing


of collaboration


scalability of resources

A leading automotive group was pursuing faster data processing, seamless remote access, and enhanced reporting. A lot of data is generated by the constantly growing number of car IT services which helps the manufacturer continuously improve the CX and achieve faster time-to-market for new features at optimized cost.


Cloud Business Intelligence System


source of truth for all data


faster reporting


faster data processing

“We strongly rely on their judgement and knowledge on a daily basis.  Outstanding is the fact that they always think ahead: it happened more than once that we wanted to request something which was already implemented independently.”

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