Exclusive Business Case Validation and AWS PoC

Adastra is on a mission to support your Digital Transformation success – an imperative in a market dictated by Coronavirus-inflicted social isolation.


Sustaining and even enhancing Your Customer Experience is arguably the most critical challenge in the current COVID-19 business reality. All (now) remote customers have never been more selective in their buying decisions. Going digital and improving customer serving processes could make the decisive difference between losing customer base and gaining market share.

Time to Adopt the Cloud

  1. Get a pro bono business case validation
  2. Eliminate the hurdle of upfront costs
  3. Use on demand – when and as you need it
  4. Pay per your exact use and nothing more
  5. Scale with your usage needs
  6. Improve your customer experience and loyalty

Upon confirmed Technical scope we are ready to assist your business case validation with a PoC implementation in AWS environment.

We are also ready to help you extend the capabilities of your current customer-service mobile and/or web applications with “online meetings” video and chat functionality via Amazon Chime integration.

Adastra Bulgaria is an AWS consulting partner.

Get your free business case validation now.