Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Your data asset is key and could be a game-changer. Our mission is to make it available to the reach of your fingertips. Anytime. At any device.

Success Stories

Adastra helped us take a broader perspective around our analytics platform. Their team of experts established and implemented a future proof architecture that enables us to scale our Power BI platform across Magna divisions globally.

Stefan Tropper | IT Tower Manager, B2B & Solutions, Magna Global IT

Thriving in data era, Adastra has earned a leading position as tailored data analytics service provider. We build Business Intelligence solutions, deliver quality data insights, and guide our clients towards their data-driven success.

Our BI solutions give you the freedom to ask questions and get answers quickly. We build, from the grounds up, your capabilities to become a data-driven organization. You can rely on cutting edge platforms and cloud services both flexible and sustainable to the test of time.

Why Modern Data Analytics?

Analyze your data with ease and agility with Adastra’s state-of-the-art visualization and business intelligence services. We provide organizations with tailored solutions, designed uniquely to meet specific business needs and objectives.

Utilize your data assets to deliver quality insights and solve business challenges.

Capture hidden patterns, trends, outliers, and opportunities within your data.

Shift from reactive to proactive decision-making fueled by actionable insights.

Empower self-service BI removing traditional constraints of scale, performance, and cost.

Optimize business outcomes with real-time intelligence and streaming analytics.

Maximize value from data with a flexible, open, and multicloud platform.

Crafted Data Visualization Technologies

Whether you decide to rely on modern powerful platforms like Power BI, Tableau, Qlik and you seek self-service enabled Business intelligence or prefer to trust traditional vendors like SAP, Oracle or MicroStrategy and rely on professionally designed reports, we have you covered.

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Intelligent Insights for Your Enterprise

Create on-demand and democratized insights to fuel your enterprise’s strategy. Empower decision making in a hyper competitive world. Collect your data today, analyze it now, impact your success immediately.


What we do

Roadmap and Strategy Definition

  • KPI Design
  • Best practices and Governance
  • BI assessments and strategy
  • Data analytics services roadmap

Platform Implementation

  • BI platform implementation
  • Tool upgrades
  • BI tools selection and consolidation
  • Cloud migration


  • Pixel-perfect reporting
  • Executive dashboards
  • Self-service analytics
  • Augmented analytics


  • BI Trainings
  • BI team enablement
  • BI Center-of-Excellence

BI Managed Services

  • Support QA activities
  • BI platform administration
  • Production support via global delivery model

Business Intelligence Methodology

  • Define business needs
  • Gather requirements from stake holders
  • Understand existing architecture
  • Build a Proof of Concept
  • Design architectural environment and infrastructure
  • Define KPIs and report criteria
  • Present implementation roadmap
  • Gather/Form/Cast the Team
  • Data preparation and cleansing
  • Build semantic layers
  • Report design
  • QA testing
  • UAT testing
  • Finetuning
  • Go-live
  • Educate stakeholder
  • Handle change resistance
  • Warranty

Ensure your data analytics estate is always up and running, responsive and resilient.

Why choose Adastra as your BI Partner?

Whether you are in retail, automotive, banking, insurance or pharmaceutical industries, we have the grasp to turn your data into actionable insights.

Our BI consultants technological stack encompasses all leading platforms on the market. They help you select the right one for your needs.

Whether you trust the reliability of your in-house infrastructure or prefer the advantages of cloud platforms, we have got your back.

Our diverse expertise with the leading BI vendors’ products have positioned Adastra as a reliable partner and first choice in solution implementations.

We support you throughout the entire lifecycle of the project from identifying the problem to post development support.

With hundreds of success stories behind us we have the confidence to take any data challenge and set you a few steps ahead of your competition.

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