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Accelerate your migration to the cloud to minimize disruption to the business.

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Topics covered

  • Pros and cons of cloud utilization (cloud vs. traditional)

  • Frequent cloud adoption challenges (concerns of using cloud)

  • How to maximize cloud ROI?

  • Why Adastra Managed Services?

Get the Maximum of Your Cloud

On-Demand Cloud Webinar

Cloud and cloud technologies exist for more than a decade now. The adoption of those technologies started growing in the past 5-6 years. The benefits of the cloud are well understood but not that easy to achieve. Many companies decide to slow down or even stop cloud adoption due to unsatisfactory resulted versus expectations – performance, cost optimization, or ROI.

Join us to discuss how Adastra can help you to decide whether to go with the cloud, identify issues with your cloud adoption, and how to get the maximum of it.


Adastra tailors your cloud migration journey by selecting the right architecture that meets your specific business needs and ensures business continuity. Our cloud consultants leverage a full suite of proprietary tools by leading cloud vendors to deliver cloud solutions at scale that lower the total cost of infrastructure.

Cloud Technology Benefits

Super Scalability

Maximize ROI by using only the resources you need. Automatically scale up or scale down your infrastructure as needs evolve, often in real-time.

Automated Updates

Cloud providers regularly roll out updates to their software. You no longer need to worry about maintenance of your generic IT infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery

Cloud technology automates backup of your data at a safe and secure location and protects it from sudden power failure, natural disaster, or another crisis. Seamlessly access your data from the cloud without losing business continuity and productivity.


Use advanced out-of-the-box identity management, advanced automated monitoring and Infrastructure as Code capabilities to greatly streamline the process of governance.

Data Security

Design and deploy complex security policies by leveraging advanced tools. You are always fully in control of who accesses your data and you have the evidence to prove it.

Easy Integration

Integration with other systems is seamless and natural. The connections between different components of your solutions are often prebuilt.

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Cloud Migration Framework

Our comprehensive cloud migration framework is built to deliver substantial IT costs savings, as well as improvements in productivity, business agility, and operational resilience.

Illustration: Adastra Bulgaria's Cloud Migration Framework.

Exclusive Business Case Validation and AWS PoC

We are willing and ready to help you confirm a business case and build your digital success in the Cloud with a pro bono Adastra Technical Assessment package.


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