Data Monetization

Make your data investments pay for themselves.


Market Locator: Data Monetization For Everyone

Create value from your customer data. Aggregate it, anonymize it, and deliver actionable insights to your business customers so that they can improve their offerings.

Powered by Instarea’s technology, Market Locator reveals where different customer segments live, work, and play, clearly visualized on an interactive map. Filter results according to multiple attributes including type of mobile device, bill-payment reliability, travel patterns, and much more. Send relevant and timely direct marketing campaigns to clearly defined target audiences via text message, email, or app push.

Data Monetization Platform

  • Allows the anonymization and aggregation of data in compliance with privacy legislation
  • Gives B2B customers paid access to the company data through a simple Web-based tool
  • Provides location analytics (what sort of people spend time in a location) to inform data customers where to open a new branch/store, or where to launch a campaign.
  • Real-time streaming of anonymized statistical data to B2B customers for data enrichment

Marketing Platform

  • External use – provide B2B customers with an effective tool for targeted marketing based on user attributes, location-based marketing, and multi-channel marketing. Market Locator translates online marketing into real-world, offline marketing
  • Internal use – typical internal campaigning is performed in a highly centralized fashion. Market Locator allows you to delegate local marketing to local managers who know their customers best as well as the sales needs and possibilities.

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