Data Warehouse Modernization with GCP (BigQuery)

Modernize your data analytics with Google BigQuery. Speed up time to insights, accelerate innovation and promote data sharing and collaboration.

Data warehouse modernization with GCP BigQuery by Adastra Bulgaria.

Adastra brings advanced skills, best practices, processes, and frameworks to help you accelerate cloud migration and unlock the full potential of Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Our proven framework can help you seamlessly transition from your data warehouses to BigQuery.

Why Data Warehouse Modernization?

Scalability, improved security, and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) are some well-known reasons why companies are moving away from legacy systems and modernizing their infrastructure with Google Cloud. A modern cloud data platform can benefit your business far beyond these factors, cultivating innovation and agility and enabling data monetization and operational excellence.

Get powerful analytics

Accelerate time to insights on a petabyte scale and move beyond descriptive analytics to world-class business analytics level.

Boost innovation

Focus on your core business and innovation instead of mundane maintenance with a fully managed cloud data warehouse.

Secure your data

Rely on impeccable security and safely modernize with BigQuery’s data security, replication, and governance.


Pay only for what you use. Replace expensive traditional data warehouses with BigQuery to enable effortless scaling using only the storage and compute power you need.

Modernize Your Data Warehouse with BigQuery

Meet analytical demands and seamlessly scale for your business need with GCP fully managed DWH solution. Accelerate time to insights.



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Success Story


faster infrastructure


increase in students’ productivity


faster task reviews by teachers

Education Industry

“We now have a modern cloud ecosystem that helps us do our job with easy and quality. It also impacted our students who already complete their tasks much faster thanks to the dedicated workspaces enabled by GCP.  Great consultancy and attention to details by their team.

Thumbs up!”

General Education Director, Training Center

How we do Data Warehouse Modernization

Streamline your migration path and modernize from any on-premises or cloud data warehouse to BigQuery with our proven Google Cloud migration framework.

Discover the key workloads and use cases. Identify key business requirements and define measurable migration goals for this first step in your data warehouse migration journey.

We handle an assessment and provide a 360-degree view of potential risks and opportunities before beginning your data warehouse modernization. We analyze current systems to understand priorities and technical debt as well as system logic and complexity. The outcome is a tailored GCP migration roadmap.

This approach allows us to prioritize business impact by enabling priority use cases based on value and urgency. Our Google Cloud consultants collaborate with your engineers and business stakeholders to ensure a smooth and secure GCP migration, taking into account all elements of the transition phase.

What we do

We accelerate your data warehouse modernization journey by moving your data from your current environment to Google Cloud, regardless if it is in other public cloud or on-premise. Migrating with Adastra`s premium GCP service reduces the risks for your production workloads and improves its agility, while saving time and resources. Have by your side a trusted Google Cloud service partner with proven track record in data warehouse modernization in the cloud.


Environment discovery

Review thoroughly your data warehouse and provide a high-level landscape for better understanding the impact of Google Cloud migration to your environment. The analysis includes a thorough review of data sources, components, and features.


Roadmap creation

Create a migration plan and put it in a Cloud Migration Roadmap document including all details: required efforts, cloud migration strategy, future state architecture, required contributors, areas of complexity and risk, cloud migration timelines, high-level project plan, anticipated infrastructure outages, and cost estimates.


Automated migration*

Set up the dependencies and prepare the data to be transferred based on the GCP migration roadmap plan. The BigQuery Data Transfer Service automates data movement into BigQuery in a scheduled, managed fashion.

* not applicable for some RDBMS


BigQuery is a fully managed enterprise data warehouse that helps businesses manage and analyze the data with built-in features like machine learning, geospatial analysis, and business intelligence. It is serverless architecture which lets SQL queries answer organization’s biggest questions with zero infrastructure management.

Data warehouse migration from one platform to another platform is not an easy task and can often be a challenging process. It is mostly a long and phase out journey rather than a one-go task. Read out article called “How to Perform a Google Cloud migration“.

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