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Adastra Data Innovation Day

Accelerate innovation to achieve data-driven value and cloud perfection for your organization.

May 27 | 08:30 – 14:00 CET | 09:30 – 15:00 EEST (Sofia)


This will not be an ordinary conference. Our interactive virtual platform will help you make your own unique avatar to see, hear and experience content as you are in a live virtual game.



It is up to your interests and business challenges what to attend. Do not worry, you will be able to watch all recordings later.



Experience how Adastra is helping leading organizations drive value with their data. Listen to success stories from one of the best in the industry.



Drive tremendous impact for your organization through data-driven actions.

Join Us

You are more than welcome to join us for the Adastra Data Innovation Day on May 27. Learn tips and tricks on how to master the ever-changing customer requirements and technology evolution. Get precious insights from leading innovation experts in the domains of data management, cloud technology, RPA, and digital experience.

Learn more about how businesses are leveraging advancements in the technological landscapes to impact customer experience, operations, and innovation. In addition to the showcase of solutions being presented, hear from our key leaders about issues the industry is focusing on and the trends that leading organizations are actioning to stay competitive in the changing marketplace.

Event Takeaways

Get tips on seamless cloud migration

Enable PII data protection

Master your data to bespoke quality levels

Maximize cloud ROI

Prevent cloud vendor lock-ins

Future-proof your CI/CD strategy

Build a modern data estate

Scale up automated business processes

Adopt a practical approach to AI/ML

Reimagine global delivery benefits

Leverage new trends in lead management

Fast-track cloud data analytics

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All time slots are presented in Central European Time (CET).


Think big, start small but scale fast! Are you new to the cloud and do not know where to begin with? We will show you an easy and standardized way to data analytics in the cloud with low entrance barriers, low investments but quick returns.


Markus Salomon, Business Development Manager, Adastra Germany

We will discuss the challenges of keeping order in data in an environment with multiple tenants, multiple source systems and heterogenous infrastructure (on-prem vs. cloud).


  • Luboslav Gabal, Business Development Director – International, Adastra Slovakia
  • Michal Stun, Head of Data Management, Ferratum Group

No matter if you are already using cloud services or if you are planning to in the future. One central question will arise sooner or later when preparing the cloud strategy: “How am I able to prevent a future cloud vendor lock-in?” In our presentation Adastra will show some concepts to answer this question based on our experience.


Toma Buchinsky, CEO, Adastra Germany

How to sleep well when sending customer data to public cloud if SaaS terms of use are making you nervous? Add extra security to your customer data in the cloud by anonymizing personally identifiable information without limitation of user experience.


Marius Maslo, CEO, Adastra Slovakia

Why rely on a Managed Service Provider to maximize cloud ROI?

Join us to discuss how Adastra can help you to decide whether to go with the cloud, identify issues with your cloud adoption, and how to get the maximum of it.


Milen Stoyanov, Managed Services Manager, Adastra Bulgaria


Learn how KBC group balanced customer journeys in assisted and digital channels and moved the Lead management across all the countries to the next maturity level.


  • Martin Obetko, Managing Consultant, Adastra Slovakia
  • Bogdan Manea, Program Manager, KBC Group

We will share our experience from various industries and how to use intelligent algorithms to adopt advanced planning that generates an optimal plan in seconds, whether it’s a loading plan for trucks or resource planning.


  • Karolina Zvolska, Business Development Manager, Blindspot Solutions
  • Petr Zelenka, Product Architect, Blindspot Solutions

Applied IoT solutions are driving business value, efficiencies and delivering consumer insight. Customer behavior during and post pandemic is changing, and it is critical to track and identify new trends. People mobility is restricted whereas goods circulation is accelerating. Increased amounts of one-off packaging are amplifying pressure to find alternative circular solutions.


  • Adela Mikschikova, Business Development Manager IoT, Adastra Czechia
  • Petr Blabla, Head of Digital Retail, Adastra Czechia

Virtuloc fills the gap between a physical branch and e-commerce.  You can get access to your customers in real-time from anywhere you like with your virtual store.


  • Emil Benes, Sales Director, Virtuloc
  • Adam Mrstik, CTO, Virtuloc
  • Miloslav Kloz, EMEA Marketing Project Manager – Aftermarket & E-Commerce, Hexagon

Managing Spark with a container orchestration platform may not be so. In this webinar we will share our experience with Containerization of Spark on Kubernetes.


  • Prashant Gangwar, IT Consultant, Adastra Germany
  • Felix Unverzagt, Data Scientist, Adastra Germany


Harnessing the full potential of a digital workforce, tailored specifically to your needs.


  • Peter Pavlov, RPA Chief Solution Architect, Adastra Bulgaria
  • Deylan Slavkov, Senior RPA Consultant, Adastra Bulgaria

How is data complexity affecting the skill set required for superior global high-end delivery? Join us to discuss how Adastra can help you lower total cost of ownership and operational risk, speed up time-to-market and secure your data.


  • Lyoubomir Ovtcharov, CEO, Adastra Bulgaria
  • Nikolay Shopov, Managing Director, Adastra Thailand

Ensure your data is with needed quality to support your business decisions. Join us for this session and find answers for questions like:

  • What are the data cleansing techniques?
  • What data quality problems can be solved automatically?
  • Can there be achieved 100% data quality? What could be the effort?
  • When is matching and merging used?
  • What is a golden record and how it is created?


  • Irina Pavlova, DQ/MDM Practice Lead, Adastra Bulgaria

Technology ecosystems are rapidly changing, thus the Data Warehouse might seem to become outdated. Still, Data Warehouses play a key role in modern information management landscapes – learn why.


  • Lubomir Maslik, Division Director, Adastra Slovakia

How to use AI to enhance your business? With this practical approach of implementing machine learning algorithms you can detect anomalies in your mainframe resource consumption and save license costs for your mainframe.


  • Yanki Okdemir, Tableau Practice Lead, Adastra Germany