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MDM Webinar

From Understanding Your Data to the Single Source of Truth

Ensure your data is with needed quality to support your business decisions.


Data is vital to the day-to-day operations of most organizations. They have been called the ‘currency’, and even the ‘new oil’ of the information economy. Whether or not an organization gets value from its analytics, it cannot even transact business without data.

Join us for this session and find answers for questions like:

  • What are the data cleansing techniques?
  • What data quality problems can be solved automatically?
  • Can there be achieved 100% data quality? What could be the effort?
  • When is matching and merging used?
  • What is a golden record and how it is created?


A photo of Irina Pavlova, DQ&MDM Practice Lead, Adastra Bulgaria.

Irina Pavlova

DQ&MDM Practice Lead, Adastra Bulgaria

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