GCP Cost Optimization and Management

Walk the path to predictable cloud costs and maximize return on cloud investments.

GCP cost optimization and management illustrated by cloud including gear and dollar icons inside.

Benefits of GCP Cost Optimization Services

Maximize cloud ROI

Leverage a tailored roadmap that maximizes cloud ROI and efficiency by optimizing the utilized resources based on your specific business case.

Increase service flexibility

Scale your workloads independently by leveraging cloud native services and fully take advantage of the Google Cloud benefits.

Avoid cloud overspending

Identify what you need for your workloads and optimize it. Stop overspending and audit your infrastructure specifications.

Eliminate idle resources

Reduce waste in your cloud environment. Reduce your idle infrastructure resources to minimum.

Begin your Google Cloud journey now

At Adastra we are serving you our best cloud knowledge along with Google Cloud and BigQuery best practices to drive your business into more cost visible and optimized environment.

Adastra’s Google Cloud infrastructure cost optimization services help you reduce your cloud expenses. We help you build an OPEX optimization roadmap as well as more flexible and sustainable infrastructure by implementing cloud best practices. You can get insights into your billing accounts and cost optimization ideas.


Google Cloud Insights

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Google Cloud VMware Engine

This whitepaper will show you how to perform VM migration to Google Cloud natively and securely, giving you access to cloud scalability and cost savings.

  • Looker guide to modern BI evaluations - image for social media sharing.

Looker Guide to Modern BI Evaluations

This guide is intended to help BI decision makers implement a modern evaluation and selection methodology to make an informed BI platform purchase decision.

Success Story


reduced cost per query


faster deployment


incident management

Retail Company

“Adastra helped us optimize our cloud investments. They build a cost optimization services that drive cost insights beforehand and enable us to act accordingly. I am truly impressed by the mindset of their team members. They do not miss any chance to consult us on strategic platform enhancements which drives tremendous outcomes in the long run.”

Senior Technical Project Manager

GCP Cost Optimization Objectives

  • Identify and assess the cloud ROI for projects to capitalize on GCP resources.

  • Establish processes and policies to proactively ensure the efficient use of GCP consumption-based resources.
  • Develop a planning process that prevents scaling too high before your business needs it.
  • Determine the most important process-critical data workloads.
  • Set up standardized processes, resource structuring and labeling.
  • Create custom dashboards to monitor cost trends and adjust forecasting.

Approach to GCP Cost Optimization



We perform a free Google Cloud infrastructure assessment to identify optimization potential. We pinpoint services that can deliver the greatest value and ROI for your business.



Get a well-rounded and in-depth knowledge about your business goals and objectives.



Collaborate between each other to better understand your resource utilizations.



Provide you Adastra`s know-how regarding the FinOps and general GCP tips and tricks across the products in use.



Provide you a recommendation for improvements in tools, resources, budget monitoring and more. Along with cost optimization strategy based on our know-how.

Success Story for Retail

KPIBefore Query OptimizationAfter Query Optimization
Elapsed Execution Time10 minutesA few seconds
BigQuery Slot time1.5 years1 day
Cost per run$ 900~ $3

Let’s optimize Google Cloud costs