FinOps on GCP

FinOps aligns your teams to achieve full benefits of the cloud and maximize return on cloud investments.

FinOps on Google Cloud services by Adastra Bulgaria.
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Whatever stage of the cloud journey you are at, FinOps will help you get the most value out of GCP. A common mistake is to start considering FinOps when the bill becomes significant. This usually results in unexpected cost spikes at some point, leading to a “spend panic” moment. Regardless your cloud adoption progress, the best approach to implementing FinOps is the same: start small, iterate through the lifecycle, and continuously improve.

Why FinOps on GCP?

Fine-tune your cloud spend

Ensure you operate your cloud infrastructure efficiently. We help you improve cloud footprint and uncover operational insights.

Obtain maximum ROI

Make decisions from business value perspective while maximizing the benefits of Google Cloud utilization.

Build financial accountability culture

Go beyond of just reducing your cloud infrastructure`s cost but rather get the full understanding of your cloud investments.

What we do

BigQuery Cost Optimization

Embrace a BigQuery approach to writing SQL scripts to build a cost-efficient Google Cloud Data Warehouse.

FinOps Service

Our team is here to help you successfully implement the effective financial management in the cloud.


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Google Cloud VMware Engine

This whitepaper will show you how to perform VM migration to Google Cloud natively and securely, giving you access to cloud scalability and cost savings.

  • Looker guide to modern BI evaluations - image for social media sharing.

Looker Guide to Modern BI Evaluations

This guide is intended to help BI decision makers implement a modern evaluation and selection methodology to make an informed BI platform purchase decision.

Our Approach to FinOps on GCP

We turn the quick wins into a sustainable long-term cloud infrastructure optimization strategy. Inform stage will make the information more visible, so that the optimization can be tailored to your cloud usage. These enhancements are then reusable for the next cycles/projects.




We implement a mechanism that allows all the costs to be allocated to the right teams. This information will be visible thru dashboards, so the teams can drill and slice their cost data in meaningful ways.



We take the information surfaced in the Inform step and turn it into actionable steps. Those steps will drive your organization to optimize the cloud spend.



We embed FinOps best practices introduced by Google and Adastra`s best experience into your policies, so they become business as usual. One exercise could reduce you a few bucks, but the end goal is FinOps to be the new normal for you cloud infrastructure.

GCP Cost Optimization for Retail


reduced cost per query


faster deployment


incident management

“Adastra helped us optimize our cloud investments. They build a cost optimization services that drive cost insights beforehand and enable us to act accordingly. I am truly impressed by the mindset of their team members. They do not miss any chance to consult us on strategic platform enhancements which drives tremendous outcomes in the long run.”

Senior Technical Project Manager


Let’s do FinOps on GCP