Microsoft and Windows on Google Cloud

Reduce licensing costs and boost agility by migrating Microsoft and Windows applications to a stable, powerful, and scalable infrastructure.

Microsoft applications on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) made possible by Adastra Bulgaria.

With Microsoft on Google Cloud, you can bring your Microsoft and Windows licenses and applications to GCP and get scalable infrastructure to help you improve agility and cost-efficiency. Migrate your applications off of expensive platforms and reduce dependency on Microsoft technologies to further reduce licensing costs and move to a more agile and scalable framework.

Benefits of Migrating Microsoft Apps on GCP

Tackle key infrastructure challenges for your organization, such as scalability and modernization.

Improve efficiency and operational agility while reducing licensing costs.

Simplify operations with Google Cloud solutions that benefit your company both short- and long-term.

Bring your own license (BYOL) program

Migrate your existing licenses and run them on Google Cloud`s sole-tenant nodes.

Use VM images with licenses included

Use on-demand licenses on fully tested and Compute Engine images to take the benefits of cloud computing like reliable storage options, autoscaling, speed of the Google`s network.

Fully managed SQL Server

Reduce the operational overhead by utilizing the cloud easy to manage relational database service.

Fully managed Active Directory

Extend your existing on-premise Active Directory footprint into the cloud. Automate server maintenance and configurations for your AD-dependent workloads.

SQL Server and .NET

Windows server-based applications are dependent on their underneath infrastructure for their security and performance. Moving them to Google Cloud is performing better, hence its proving resource optimized and cost-efficiency.

Windows on Kubernetes

Save licensing cost by running multiple Windows server containers on K8s node. Create an action plan to modernize your infrastructure and be multi-cloud ready with Anthos.

Migrate Microsoft on Google Cloud

Google Cloud enables companies to move their workloads at their own scale and create VMs almost instantly, while sustained billing discounts are being applied. It empowers users to innovate and evolve in a flexible manner giving them strong foundations that future-proof their business.

Planning a cloud migration can quickly get complicated. We help you accelerate the discovery process and ensure the right strategy for your budget and infrastructure’s dependencies.


Key outcomes


faster infrastructure


increase in productivity


faster task reviews by teachers

Education Center

“We now have a modern cloud ecosystem that helps us do our job with easy and quality. It also impacted our students who already complete their tasks much faster thanks to the dedicated workspaces enabled by GCP.  Great consultancy and attention to details by their team.

Thumbs up!”

General Education Director

Approach to VM Migration to GCP

A common perception is that migrating existing workloads to the public cloud, especially those with a lot of data, is complex, time consuming, and risky. However, choosing the right partner can help you establish best cloud practices to accelerate the process and lower risk.

  • Identify stakeholders from all internal departments.
  • Assess the applications that should be migrated.
  • Define the requirements that will impact the application and document them.
  • Shape a tailored cloud migration strategy based on your specific needs.
  • Plan the data migration in detail, along with the application migration steps with all the underlying dependencies.
  • Plan the testing strategy to ensure the accuracy of the migrated applications.

Execute the cloud migration plan. For additional safety, we include a backout plan that reduces the risk of negative migration impact. It enables us to seamlessly revert back the cloud environment to on-premises if this, for some reason, is required.

Finetune your new Google Cloud ecosystem. Optimize your operational usage to facilitate the adoption of more GCP cloud native tools. Reduce cloud expenses by using cost controls and governance tools to keep the budgets in-line.

What we do

Adastra accelerates your cloud migration flight by moving your VMs from your current environment to Google Cloud, regardless if it is in other public cloud or on-premise. Migrating with Adastra`s premium GCP service reduces the risks for your production workloads and improves its agility, while saving time and resources. Have by your side a trusted Google partner with proven track record in cloud migration services.



Environment discovery

Review thoroughly your infrastructure and provide a high-level landscape for better understanding the impact of Google Cloud migration to your environment.


GCP setup

Configure the Google Cloud project and folders based on your technical requirements. Prepare a detailed runbook with execution plan for the deployment.



Deploy the applications according to the execution plan. Test the new cloud environment to ensure seamless workloads flow.


Knowledge transfer

Transfer knowledge and get your team familiar with the applications’ runbook. Provide training materials and/or workshops to educate the takeover persons.

Why Migrate Your VMs to Google Cloud?

Do more

Convey your IT workforce to innovate and advance your business strategy.

Pay less

Reduce overhead of managing on-premises infrastructure and manage your costs on per-second billing rates and automatic discounts.

Be agile

Leverage an ecosystem that fully supports a fast and scalable migration to Google Cloud. Move thousands of VMs at scale with the built-in testing and right-sizing.

Secure your business

Reduce the jeopardy with Google`s world-class security by eliminating the operational difficulties with Google Cloud`s fully managed infrastructure.

Let’s migrate Microsoft to Google Cloud