Quality Assurance Services

Makе sure the right solution is built the right way.

Success Stories

We at Adastra consider the role of Quality Assurance Specialist an essential part of the development process of every software solution. Our team of experienced and passionate QA professionals deliver to our clients working and reliable software of excellent quality, meeting all of the organization’s needs and market demands.

Our mission is to put focus on resolving issues and apply the most tailored software testing process possible. We conduct full software testing at every phase of the development process, both functional and non-functional, starting from the requirements and culminating in final testing at the release and deployment stages.

How Adastra Quality Assurance is Different?

We often say that our QA Specialists write more code than some of our developers, and that is the truth – we rely little on manual testing and build custom code supporting complex testing scenarios to ensure maximum data correctness.

Quality Assurance Benefits


Make sure the solution is usable, user-friendly and ready to perform as expected by running early non-functional testing.


Early inclusion of Quality Assurance specialists in the project‘s SDLC adds assurance that the right solution is built the right way providing the customer with the needed level of comfort and confidence that the product fulfills the assumptions, specific


Save expenses in the long run by detecting flows that may lead to malfunctions in operations.

Quality Assurance Scope

We strongly believe in the added value of having QA even in project streams where it is perhaps not traditional to use it and hence offer functional testing of projects utilizing the full technology stack offered by Adastra.

Non-Functional Testing

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