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Why perform an RPA code review?

Having a digital workforce is a great step in improving your business. However, making sure the digital workers are made of the highest possible quality is crucial – bots must be reliable, easily scalable and require least amount of time for support and monitoring. At Adastra we strive to meet each and every quality standard, delivering bots that are standardized, easy to update, and most of all – less prone to errors.

We have identified several categories that deserve special attention during the development phase, and which should never be neglected.

  • Logging

  • Error handling

  • Parameterization and naming conventions

  • Environment

  • Code quality


These categories are not listed in any particular order, because each of them is crucial in its own way. Failing to comply with each of them will result in a lot of headache and waisted resources post implementation. It will destroy your return on RPA investment and will undermine the trust of your automated business processes. Be sure to do your job the right way to avoid any of the undesirable situations.

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Peter Pavlov

RPA Chief Solution Architect, Adastra Bulgaria

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