man-hours saved annually


faster container booking


immediate response to requests

Business case 

The process requires lookup in an internal management system, based on a mainframe terminal and SAP for container booking data, discovering mismatches and conducting a correction booking in the corresponding system. 

Customer’s objectives: 

  • End-to-end automation of the business process. 
  • Reduce the probability for errors due to the complexity of the process. 
  • Streamline and respond quickly to correction requests. 

RPA Solution 

The RPA solution is split into two parts. The first part involves exporting data from SAP and the supply management system on a monthly basis, comparing the results from both systems and writing the findings in a spreadsheet. To achieve even faster results, the solution extracts the data from the data warehouse directly, without requiring access to the systems via user interfaces.  

The second part is about responding to individual correction requests, received via email by the business users and processing the correction bookings. Thanks to our solution the response time is reduced to a minimum. 

10x faster container booking in logistics rpa solution


  • Reduced probability for errors 
  • Near immediate response to requests 
  • 10x faster container booking 
  • 750 man-hours saved annually 

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