Up to 30+

days to full migration

Up to 60%

IT cost reduction

Up to 50%

reduction in your energy expenses

Business Case

An online retail company is looking for a solution to handle bandwidth spikes due to upcoming increase in seasonal demand. Due to the rapid growth, the platform is continually challenged to meet the user traffic and transition scale, downtimes occur that eventually cause financial losses. 

After a comprehensive analysis of current capabilitiesthe company realizes that the expected increase in market demand during the holidays will overheat current infrastructure. 

Solution: Google Cloud Migration

Adastra provides expertise throughout the entire cloud migration life cycle. We can help you migrate your entire infrastructure to the cloud. The engagement can be delivered in the following sequence: 

  1. Discover Understand business requirementsreview current and target infrastructures. Examine relevant architecture. 
  2. Plan and design Finalize the proposed cloud architecture and provide detailed technical design and implementation plan according to GCP’s best practices. Utilize deep technical knowledge, as well as precious industry expertise accumulated in time by our data management consultants. 
  3. Migration Execute the actual migration to the cloud once the technical design and implementation plan are ready 
  4. Improve While lifting and shifting your environment we are identifying and inventoried the opportunities to improve your system in the future and get the full cloud benefits. This step will help you to become with cloud native infrastructure and complete the digital transformation while reducing resource costs and become more efficient. 

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Expected Outcomes

  • Up to 30 days to full migration, onto up and running in cloud phase 
  • Up to 60% IT cost reduction 
  • Up to 50% reduction in your energy expenses 

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An online retail company

Industry: Retail

Technology: GCP

Expertise: Cloud

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