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Business Case

The monitoring of numerous automated processes has become too cumbersome for a single person.


A dedicated bot which monitors the execution of all automated business processes.

Business case

A logistics company that has adopted RPA needed to monitor them effectively without wasting precious man-hours.

Their automated business processes facilitate workflows in various business departments and are executed on an irregular basis, ranging from once every few months, to once every ten minutes.

Additionally, our client wanted to be able to keep a record of all issues with the systems and the processes themselves, which would be updated regularly. The idea behind this was to ease the solving of future issues, as well as to track statistics and relevant KPIs.

RPA Solution

At the end of its execution each automated process sends a status email to a dedicated group postbox. This email includes all the needed information for reviewing the process execution. However, with the steady increase in the number of automated processes this task becomes too cumbersome for a single person.

Our RPA solution comprises of a dedicated bot, which monitors this group mailbox. It reads, sorts, and reviews each email that comes in, as well as checks for late or missed executions, making manual oversight obsolete.

Monitoring of automated processes.

In cases of issues all RPA developers are immediately notified and given relevant information about the execution and the process itself. They receive a customized sample email, which can be sent to the corresponding contact person or department. The issue is then automatically recorded in a centralized file, to which all relevant people have access. After the matter has been resolved, the file is updated with the pertinent information, aiding future problem solving for similar issues.

Additionally, throughout certain points of the day a report is compiled and sent, detailing all the process executions so far, providing an overview for the day.


Our RPA solution was able to greatly decrease the reaction time in cases of issues and therefore greatly boost satisfaction levels in all business units. The record of historic issues has also helped reduce the time for bug fixing, allowing the employees to allocate their time on more important matters.

The outcome was an end-to-end monitoring of all automated process processes.

  • Highly scalable for increased amount of processes.
  • Accessible statistics and KPIs.
  • Increased customer and employee satisfaction.
  • Reduced probability for errors.
  • Increase in quality of work of the RPA developers.

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A large import and export company in North America.

Industry: Logistics

Expertise: RPA

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